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Renewglobal's sustainable livelihoods services are developed and delivered through innovative partnerships and alliances with educational, community, corporate, faith-based, public and private sector partners all of whom are stakeholders in revitalizing and strengthening marginalized families and communities. 


  • Provide learning circles networking opportunities for asset-limited individuals.

  • Organize regional and statewide meetings or conferences to bring key organizations and individuals together.

  • Unite sustainable livelihood advocates and educate members on the impact of sustainability on family and youth development, financial literacy and microenterprise development.

  • Bridge collaboration among and between economic development, social service, workforce, education and grassroots groups.


  • Provide funding on a competitive basis to micro-entrepreneurs as funding permits.

  • Share information on funding sources as available and appropriate.

  • Support crowdfunding and equity funding of selected projects.

  • Share premier business, affliate marketing and asset building opportunities.


  • Build the capacity of members to share resources and financial tools.

  • Provide technical assistance and resources to member nonprofit programs to grow and improve their capacity.

  • Identify and share best practice methods, resources and tools.

  • Provide learning opportunities for practitioners to improve operations.

Capacity Building 


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