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The Circles of 8

How to Start and Power a Circle of 8 in Your Area


Learn how to be financially secure while strengthening your family inter-generationally, turn ideas that will help connect you to great asset building tools and turn what were only dreams into cash. Whether you are 8 or 88 now is the time to take action to create and empower a sustainable livelihood for yourself and your family.  


How Does It Work?


It's easy and basic membership is free! A Circle of 8 is a group consisting of 8 individuals-who are diverse in age and education but who are desirous of making a better life for themselves and family. Meetings are held at least monthly. Participants work individually and in the group with mentors entitled Unlimited Possibilities (UP) Fellows to facilitate financial literacy training and a reflective journal entitled the Re-Purpose Lifebook. Upon successful completion of the basic financial literacy training, the Circles of 8 participants are eligible to compete for Seed Funding for startup of their business and/or support in creating a crowdfunding campaign for added funding and success. Additional resources and tools provide the Circles of 8 with the basics of investing and growing their business. Other tools open the Circles of 8 to new, innovative and technological tools to take each micro-business to the next level of success.

What is the Required Commitment?


The strength of a Circles of 8 is contingent upon active participation. As participants share business ideas and sustainable livelihood challenges and experiences, your group will build unique relationships. To ensure the group’s success, each participant must make a commitment to each other to:

  • Attend and follow guidelines created by the group.

  • Maintain complete confidentiality.

  • Work toward professional improvement individually and as a group.

  • Have a desire to improve the group as a whole.


Who is Eligible to Participate?

New groups can be formed year round. There are no limits to where Circles of 8 can be hosted, youth groups, church associations, motorcycle clubs, barber/beauty shops, civic and fraternal groups and other informal gatherings can serve as a meeting place for the Circles. For more information, contact:


Become an Unlimited Possibilities (UP) Fellows


JOIN US! Renewglobal engages retired educators, corporate, business professionals and indigenous leaders in the local community to share their knowledge and experience with others through our programs, events, and resource outreach. For a UP Fellows application.


5th Saturdays Challenge


Your Circle of 8 is invited to join with hundreds of other Circle of 8s in hosting a 5th Saturdays Challenge Day. This is a unique opportunity to engage and empower new members of your Circle of 8 to grow your business, compete for Seed Funding while participating in fun, profit and an educational event. Look for upcoming dates soon.

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