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Sustainable Livelihoods for the 21st Century

Mission Statement


Renewglobal’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for creating sustainable livelihoods for low-income and other under-resourced individuals and families to help themselves through innovative self-employment.


Vision Statement


Renewglobal champions alliances for social, environmental and economic justice where low-income and other under-resourced individuals are afforded equal access to sustainable enterprise tools and resources.




Renewglobal is committed to the following values:


  • Partnership & Alliances: We can be stronger by working together.


  • Opportunity: We value economic sustainability and equality for every person.


  • Encouragement: We value the voices of entrepreneurs, activists, the elders and indigenous leaders in the areas we serve.


  • Quality and Integrity: We value high standards and a focus on bringing new learning and new ideas to the local and global marketplace.










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